The artist Louca Vyalitca (Zavialov Alexander Alexandrovich) was born on February 2, 1946.

His father was a graphic artist, and his mother was an economist. After the 8-th grade, he was admitted to the railway school where he gained the qualification of electric train driver’s assistant. After graduation, he worked as a driver assistant for several years (was driving commuter train Moscow-Petushki), and then became an "independent artist".


Louca was writing poetry and began to paint .. His father taught him the basics of books designing, but further he learned everything by himself. Incredible energy, persistence, perseverance and what’s the most important, his genuine talent allowed him to become a truly great artist.


He starts to work as a graphic artist in different newspapers (“Literaturnaya gazeta”, “Literaturnaya Rossiya”), and creates covers for the books, but in the meanwhile he untiringly works in his studio. He gets in touch with many avant-garde artists and takes part in exhibitions, including the famous exposition at VDNH, in 1975. He works very hard. The artist earns for a living by creating monumental works - he makes plenty of outstanding mosaics, stained-glass windows, monuments, author's projects, but painting for him is the foremost. He joins the Moscow Union of Artists and participates in various exhibitions. But, as one of his friends said, Luka Vyalitsa is a self-contained author, which means that he can not be called a realist, an avant-gardist, or an abstract artist. He is various.


Louca Vyalitca died on 26 May 2001. During his life he painted about 500 works. His paintings hang in the Norton Dodge gallery in Washington, in the Kostaki’s collection, are represented in the collections of the leading world's museums and in many private collections.